SWiSH 2.01

Create Flash animations easy! with Swish 2 defaults animations and flash editor

Swish 2 is the sucessor of Swish, a tool created by Djj holdings PTY ltd using Adobe (at that time Macromedia) license to export flash files. Opposite to Adobe Flash (the tool not the format), Swish 2 use their own defaults text animations that can be customized or applied to objects such as pictures or vector based images with some basic scripting commands rather than the complex but great actionscripting from Adobe Flash.

The original application target was create simple web intros and banners based on flash, however swish 2 goes beyond providing advanced draw tools and new scripting commands for creating a complete flash website.

It also let you import swf, wav and mp3 files and have its own set of command to control each one, flash content can be controlled as an instance (a movie part of another movie), audio files can be started, paused, looped and stopped during the main movie timeline or stand alone.

The disadvantage of using this friendly and almost scriptingless user interface is the performance, some animated clips may run slow or might be too heavy for most common internet connections. This issue is solved with SwishMax, but thats another story.

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  • Creates professional looking animation in a few minutes
  • User Friendly interface, easy even for first time users
  • Export to swf, avi or giff


  • Not based on flash lastest version
  • SWF files could be heavier than those created with Flash
  • It is for licensed users only
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